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The Pros and Cons of a Silver-spoon Upbringing
We all envy those who have very good material life when they born, but those who born without limbs or eyes envy the normal kids. It is not where you are born in, but your attitude that will make all the difference.

Kids who are born rich definitely have better education, more powerful friends, easier advancing and more sex.

Poor kids have to try as hard to get into good school, have very good discipline in order to make it in life and need to presentable.

Ugly rich kid is popular which ugly poor kid will be condemned.

Beautiful rich kid is twice as popular and beautiful poor kid is just normal.

When it come to failure or setback, only a little percentage of the rich kid can take it and move forward.

The poor kid experience failure and setback like their breakfast, they tend to move on faster and adapt better in all kinds of surrounding.

Rich kids use money and power to make friends and build connection, which will not last.

Poor kid fortified connection with their emotions and feelings, friends that will shield a bullet for them.


Just a post to share about rich and poor kids. Share you views too  Smile Angel
The rich become richer is more common than the rich fail. There are stories about rich people falling, but it is just less than 1% of them.
Everyone love to be born rich, no matter how much advantage in term of thinking a poor kid have, it is still non-comparable to richness.
I would like to have a rich husband and all my worries are over, don't even mind if he cheat on me, as long as he give me a stable life.

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