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The Reversal of New Media and Traditional Media
During the digitalisation age, Internet become the next big thing and online advertisement follow its popularity. Thanks to the Internet, advertisement are distributed more effectively with hard on statistic.

The older generation however, still is not as receptive. Due to the over-supply of online advertisement, many become spam and our eyes are trained to filter them out automatically.

In marketing we always use the term unique selling proposition (USP), this come a long way and have a very good basis. Human like unique and special stuff. If a lady gets her flower daily, it will be a standard thing. If a lady gets her flower on certain day only, it will be a special thing. This is the same scenario if the lady who receive her flower daily suddenly did not get it on that certain day, it is special in a bad way. If the lady whom only gets her flower occasionally suddenly receive it daily, it is special in a suspicious way. We read and accustom to pattern subconsciously - even there is no explanation to why things happen, we somehow just feel it this way.

So what happen when 10 years ago email is scarce and physical mail are plenty? You receive an email and will be delighted. Now email is free and physical mail's cost is rising because of demand and supply. You love receiving physical mail now instead.

Advertisement is so creative nowadays there is no end to debate which channel is the best channel. We should however just focus on the most suitable channel and do A/B Testing to determine which is the best method to broadcast your product.
New media will never be reserved. People who use traditional media will also use new media. New media adopters will less likely to use traditional media.
Is it being reversed yet? I don't see people asking for traditional media when it come to advertising.
(13-10-2016, 01:12 PM)WenBin Wrote: Is it being reversed yet? I don't see people asking for traditional media when it come to advertising.

Well, not everyone use computer or surf the net. Traditional media still have their foothold at the moment.
Well, legal letter or court summon will still have to by physical mail. Some things just can't be replaced.
Anyway marketing is not a one-size fits all thing.
How do you determine when to use what kind of marketing?
Instead of reversing the trend, some business owners don't even want to step into marketing anymore. They felt it is useless and is burning their money.
How can I use this in modern age ....
can you explain?
How does this reversal helps in our business?

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