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The Truth About MLM
It caught my attention when there are so many people mistaken about MLM. I am not asking you to believe or join MLM, but I want to put across a few points to help my fellow MLMers.
  • If you are not in this business, please do not condemn. Do you go around laughing people cleaning the road? It is just like a job to us. Yes, we do call you or pester you for sales, but why you accept it when the bank or insurance does that. #nodoublestandardplease

  • Unless you are so good, MLM will never be saturated

  • Don't believe what you see or hear in the Internet, check it out for yourself. People can post anything on the Internet and they can fabricate any email or text messages. See for yourself and ask the person to prove it face-to-face. If they have all these accusation, why are we not being taken to court or receive warning from CASE?

  • This is not a fast money game, don't expect to drive a sport car without doing anything. We only offer a better opportunity than the rest of the industry, give you the best education and the rest is up to yourself. Those who never manage their expectation and later fail, they always condemn it is the company fault. Why not your own fault because you didn't follow what we taught you?

  • The uplines are not always right. Do not worship your upline but treat him like a facilitator. It is your own business and you need to explore ways to make your business better. You upline is also learning and don't expect them to be like deity. You can also contribute ideas to them too, it is a business not one-sided work.
I hope you all are not so hostile towards MLM anymore, just imagine your siblings are in this trade, would you treat them so harsh? They are doing it so they can give their parents a better life. Cheers.
Good one there
And also the education. If you worked in MLM before, you can work anywhere!
Thanks bros!
Thanks for sharing it....
Good to know that.......

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