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Tips On How To Survive In London
[Image: shutterstock_406828165.jpg]

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” Most Londoners will know this famous phrase from the 18th-century author Samuel Johnson.

But Samuel Johnson didn’t take the Northern line to work every day, nor did he have to manoeuvre through hordes of selfie stick-toting tourists looking for Harrods.

While it’s hard to get tired of London — it’s full of great bars, restaurants, and entertainment — living here can be a tiresome experience. Especially if you’ve moved to London from a calmer, less chaotic place.

But there are ways to make life in the capital more manageable. I asked my colleagues to share what they wish they had known before moving to London, and added some of my own thoughts.

Here’s what you should know:
[Image: get-the-bus-places-it-may-take-longer-bu...martin.jpg]
“Get the bus places. It may take longer, but when you first arrive it is a great way of actually learning your way around the city, rather than just knowing which tube stop to get off at. Also its cheaper and you’ll almost always get a seat.” —Will Martin
[Image: the-overground-is-vastly-superior-to-the...dwards.jpg]
“The Overground is vastly superior to the Underground — it has air-conditioning and is less crowded. So if you can find a place to live where your commute is on the Overground, definitely do that.” —Jim Edwards
[Image: insure-your-oyster-card-by-registering-i...antazi.jpg]
“Insure your Oyster card by registering it on the TfL website, that way, if you lose it (and you will lose it), you at least won’t lose the money on your travel card.” —Chloe Pantazi
[Image: avoid-westminster-like-the-plague-on-a-w...-clark.jpg]
“Avoid Westminster like the plague on a weekend, especially during summer. It’s chaos.” —Charles Clark
[Image: i-wish-i-knew-about-sacrificing-stylish-...-daunt.jpg]

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