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Unemployment is more than job availability
As of mid sep this year, we have over 62k unemployed people but only 49k available jobs.

Even if we are able to match up all the vacancies, Singapore job market is still unhealthy.

Just how much more information do we need to tell recession has already started.
It is a bad time to quit my job now. In the past people quit their job during end of year or after they got their bonuses. Now I won't dare to do it.
It is not the right time to quit any type of job. B'coz after taking bonous if someone quits his/her job, that means he/she doesn't have any loyalty. So, no one won't dare to do it.
Exactly Baileey....
Good to know it....
off-course unemployment is more than job availability...
After day by day it will increase.......
Not only Singapore but also 80% of Asian countries are suffering from this problem.....
We got more planets habitable than the inhabitable ones. Why is that so?
The numbers will continue to grow, it is whether how the government help the existing SME to boost their growth or ways to encourage more entrepreneurship.
So many business went out of business, this will create 2 major deficiency - the business owners themselves looking for job and their staffs will be looking for new jobs.

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