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Venture Capitalist Alternatives
[Image: 10-alternative-fundings-fix-60p.jpg]

New entrepreneurs often have the same questions at networking events. Apart from being concerned someone might steal their idea, soon-to-be tech founders articulate something along the lines of: “I have a chicken and egg problem. Investors won’t fund me until I get traction, but I can’t get traction until I get funding.”
The harsh truth is that when an early-stage VC says, “Get some traction and come back to me,” they basically just say no without saying “no.” Some simpler reasons may include: you have no track record in the sector you’re pursuing, they don’t know who you are, they like the idea but not you, they like you but not the idea, they neither like you nor the idea. But who can blame them? As private investors in charge of other people’s money, VCs have the freedom to be prejudiced.
So should founders scrap ideas just because VCs don’t get it? Of course not, exactly the opposite. With everyone vying for the same venture dollars in a given market, it’s surprising how few tech founders actually think outside of the VC board room to raise money. Here are 10 alternatives to VC funding that new founders should consider, along with some of their perks and caveats.
1. Crowdfunding
2. Startup grants
3. Feed the business with revenue
4. Angel or angel groups
5. Co-founders buy in for equity
6. Small business bank loan
7. Venture debt
8. P2P lending
9. Strategic Partnership
10. Startup pitch competitions

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