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We become a job stealer :D
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Trump: "America has lost 70,000 factories since China entered the World Trade Organisation, another Bill and Hillary backed disaster. We are living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world,” Trump said in Tampa, Florida yesterday. "Goodrich Lighting Systems laid off 255 workers and moved their jobs to India. Baxter Health Care Corporation laid off 199 workers and moved their jobs to Singapore. Essilor Laboratories laid off 181 workers and moved their jobs, surprise, to Mexico. It's getting worse and worse and worse,"

Hahahaha..... 2nd best joke. 

Your move, Singapore.
Isn't it true that you guys steal jobs?
This is called globalisation and industrialisation, if you keep your company function in a non-profitable environment, you are doing more harm than shifting it.
These are just electoral speech. Figures.
I would like to work in USA though.

American dream for the win.

America was a cowboy country, now Trump is going to return it to its previous glory.
That said, I'm excited by the idea of having less busy work to do because the AI can handle that while I get on with the complicated stuff."
Broadway the reality is that we still need people in manual labor jobs we need people to cut our hair, do our nails,
So what if Donald Trump say that? Our own ministers say so many bad things about Malaysia during their election speech

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