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What Are The Features To Be Expected From Samsung Galaxy S8
[Image: 25785775955_b1932f94f5_o.jpg]

Samsung’s Galaxy S8, as it’s expected to be called, is said to be announced within the next couple months, and we have a bunch of good rumors from reliable sources to share.

Most recently, one of the most well known gadgets leakers posted an image of the supposed Galaxy S8, leaving very little to the imagination of what it could look like.

Check out what we’ve seen and heard about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8:
This is allegedly the Galaxy S8.

Reliable gadgets leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer posted the below on Twitter, claiming it’s the Galaxy S8.

We have no way to confirm if this is, in fact, the real deal, but it does line up with rumors we’ve heard…

BREAKING! This is no BS render or image of a screen protector! This is a real leaked photo of the #Samsung #GalaxyS8!

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