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What are you best experience with a real estate customer?
I have been doing real estate for 8 years, safely I can claim to meet people from all walks to life. Of this 8 years, I have this best client who will come and fetch me in her Mercs and bring me to view her property that either she want to sell or rent.

The first time when she said she were going to pick me up I thought I heard wrongly and what she meant is me picking her up. I asked her again and she confirm she is going over my place to pick me up.

This is the best client I ever had and she is just so friendly and never once undercut my commission. Her many tenants actually like taking advantage of her because they know she is very kind.

What about you guys? Any good story to share?
You have dog shit luck is you can ever find customer like this.
The Lord is Good
I am not in the real estate trade, but I have this very good uncle client who always bring his friends drink coffee with me. Usually his friend will support me by giving some short consultation work and he never ask me for any commission.
I am in the banking and I got this best client who will buy me very good lunch everyday - until he know I am married Big Grin
Not real estate customer - I got this investor whom invest with me a good 5 digit amount. The trading company lost more than half of his money and he just quietly withdraw. He still invest with me to another film and this one just so-so only. This got to do a lot with fate I guess. When the person like you he tend to be more lenient and treat you like a friend instead of being a customer.
Desperta Ferro!
I do not have adventurous experience but I have this very forgiving lawyer as my customer. As we have a lot of paperwork to do, often we make a small mistake and the entire form have to be redo. I find excuses for some of my clients before, saying last minute change of form or signature inconsistency and crap like this to push my fault away as it may seem that I am unprofessional. Then there is this lawyer whom I try to employ the same bullshit stopped me and tell me he know what is happening. He say don't worry about it and drop by my office to sign another copy instead of me going to his office. Every year after that I visited him during CNY with bakkwa or hamper.
I do rubber business, best customers are the one that don't bargain or threaten me. x_x
I got ship the wrong parts to my customer before, due to my girl's fault. Instead of coming over and kpkb, he say it is really urgent and kindly offer to pay for the new parts immediately and I can refund him the wrong shipment slowly. Very patient young man, good at problem solving and PR, maybe now rise to GM or what liao.
I have my worse experience with a real estate salesperson.

I walked into a showroom and she don't even know the facts and doesn't know what she is talking about.

I am so surprised many agents failed their exam but this aunty managed to pass hers but give me nonsense.
You guys are all real estate salesperson?

I am not but I have a good client that teach me how to do sales before.

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