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What is CEO, COO, CXO, CIO & CFO and how do they impact the business?
CEO - Chief Executive Officer - They are the head of management for an organization. They report to the board of directors. CEO is the most important person in the company because they source fundings for the company - either through shares, new investors, sell stake and etc. The company cannot function without cashflow and these are the expert in borrowing money and etc. Just like our president safeguard our reserve even people thought he is not important.

COO - Chief Operating Officer - This person is responsible for the day to day operations or an organization. Not all companies have one. This person could be thought of as the second in command behind the Chairman or CEO. If he can function well, the company can effective save money while making increase output. He oversee also the research part of the company and how to improve the overall operations.

CXO - Chief experience officer - A chief experience officer (CXO) is the officer responsible for the overall user experience (UX) of an organization. This executive is ultimately responsible for the strategy behind and user interface design of the organization's products and services, and may further oversee marketing communications, community relations, internal relations, HR relations, investor relations, and other interactions between the organization and its various audiences.

CIO - Chief Information Officer - This person is the head of information technology. They may report to the CEO, CFO or COO. They must create strategic goals to increase information accessibility and manage integrated system. Some organization's CIO is called as CTO also. He don't work alone but have a big pool of nerds being blamed at as part of their every day routine. IT is the highest blamed department and face most ID10T throughout the entire office.

CFO - Chief Financial Officer - This person manages the corporation’s financial risk. They deal with data analysis, financial planning and record keeping. Although they report to the CEO, they may also sit on the board of directors. He will have certain power over the CEO and can stop a financial decision when it is bad for the business. For example the CEO want to buy a certain company at X amount of dollars, but if it will significantly affect he cashflow, CFO may disallow it. Some company call their CFO financial controller.
What happen when I am all the CEO, COO, CXO, CIO and CFO? Big Grin
That not happens in reality ...
Because, one employee can be a single post holder in a company at a time...
It is just the title, it is the true ability and the money that you can earn matters.
You totally forget about the CMO - Coffee Maker Officer, without him everyone will be tired in the morning and cannot perform.

Most important officer.

Mess with the best, die like the rest.

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