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What is IRAS Form C-S/ C?
Compulsory e-Filing for Form C-S/ C

As announced in Budget 2016, in line with Government's direction for more cost effective delivery of public services and the Smart Nation vision to harness technology to enhance productivity, e-Filing of Corporate Income Tax returns (including ECI, Form C-S and Form C) will be made compulsory in a phased approach from Years of Assessment (YAs) 2018 to 2020 as follows:

YA Target Group
2018 Companies with turnover more than $10 million in YA 2017
2019 Companies with turnover more than $1 million in YA 2018
2020 All companies

The phased implementation will provide more time for smaller companies to modify their processes and ease into e-Filing.

Form C-S/ C
There are two types of Income Tax Return, Form C-S and Form C.

The Form C-S/ C is a declaration form for companies to declare their actual income. Companies must ensure that the form is correctly completed and gives a full and true account of the company's income.

Companies are still required to file the Form C-S/ C even if they are making losses.

The infographic below provides a summary of which Form companies need to file, the documents to submit with Form C-S/ C and the benefits of e-filing.

[Image: CT%20infographic%202_2015_11_20_V1.0.jpg]
Why so troublesome? last time no 1m no need file, now still need to do all these nonsense.

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