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What will happen to AirBnb, Grab, Uber & Crowdfunding in 2017?
In case you have never heard before.

AirBnB is a peer-to-peer house turn hotel application
Grab and Uber is a peer-to-peer diving application
Crowdfunding allow you to solicit investment or donation with a license

As all of these loopholes violate the statutory law many many times, in 2017 our dear government will come out with effective strategy to curb these "illegal activities".

What I suspect so far:

AirBnB will need yearly license to function and any guest who stay more than 3 days will need to be registered.

Grab and Uber is simpler, drivers just have to take the cabby provisional license. Probably car provider will need to adhere to 800 taxis regulation.

Donation from crowdfunding will need to get a permit from the police and investors from crowdfunding will need be to issued shares or official agreement. All takings will need to be accounted as profit or capital injection.

Too bad for me, I am not involved in any of these services. But imagine if Uber got a provisional license and his car is from the fleet that is registered as a taxi company, all of them will hog the "taxi only" box and they can park they legally  Big Grin
I heard Uber just revised their incentive and the drivers are already making noise.
There will be more regulation to bring these drivers down, they are killing the taxi drivers and yet so many more students still trying to create Uber like app.

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