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Where Can I Promote My Business Through Online Means?
I am running a small female accessories business and have been listing my items on carousell. It is not very effective and a lot of prankster. Wonder anyone knows where can I promote my accessories. I am not looking at paid marketing service at the moment, if anyone want to offer their marketing services I can do profit sharing with you. Thanks.
Last I heard have a good system for your to list your products and the internal members will be a good enough crowd to support your venture. It is a MLM however.
For the long run it is always good to have your own branding. Create a website and start working on it.
Craigslist, ebay, amazon, q10, group buying site... just do a search, plenty.

More importantly is how you want to brand your product. If your product are luxury kind, putting it on carousell will tarnish it.
Redmart seems to be picking its pace.
I have listed in ebay and q10 but have not receive any positive result yet. Anyone know why?

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