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Which Countries Top The Most Popular And Habitable List?
[Image: screen%20shot%202015-02-20%20at%201.46.20%20pm.png]

The 19 countries with the highest reputation have been announced by the Reputation Institute in its annual Country Reptrak index.

Rankings are based on a number of key drivers, including the quality of exports, contribution to global culture, standard of living, general tolerance, beauty, and safety.
Europe dominates the list, especially smaller countries who balance strong economies with high quality of life. In fact being a large country seems to hamper reputation, with the US, China, Russia and India all missing out.

Keep scrolling to see the countries with the highest reputation:
[Image: 19-portugal-6653-portugal-was-hit-extrem...licies.jpg]

19. Portugal — 66.53. Portugal was hit extremely hard by the 2008 financial crisis, with the government enacting severe austerity to much public outcry. But its reputation with tourists remains as strong as ever, and it has progressive drug decriminalisation policies.
[Image: 18-germany-6755-with-one-of-the-stronges...t-time.jpg]

18. Germany — 67.55. With one of the strongest economies in the world and a reputation for making excellent products, it is perhaps a surprise that Germany did not come higher. If Frankfurt can tempt some of London’s banks over in the wake of Brexit, it might do better next time.
[Image: 17-spain-6773-like-portugal-spain-was-hi...retire.jpg]

17. Spain — 67.73. Like Portugal, Spain was hit harder than most by the recent economic downturn, with high levels of youth unemployment. But tourists still can’t get enough of the place, especially Brits looking to live near the southern coast when they retire.
[Image: 16-belgium-6795-for-a-population-of-just...e-best.jpg]

16. Belgium — 67.95. For a population of just 11 million, Belgium’s global reputation exceeds itself. Brussels is the HQ for the European Union, the national football team is ranked 2nd in the world, and its beer is the best of the best.
[Image: 15-france-6932-a-spate-of-recent-terrori...brexit.jpg]

15. France — 69.32. A spate of recent terrorist attacks may have made a few people think twice about visiting France, but Paris and the French Riviera are still among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Like Germany, France is also looking to attract bankers from London in the wake of Brexit.
[Image: 14-japan--7097-no-this-isnt-paris-at-nig...nesses.jpg]

14. Japan — 70.97. No, this isn’t Paris at night — it’s Tokyo. Japan’s reputation for making innovative, high-end electronics has remained intact since the 80s, and along with Hong Kong the country is favourite for anyone looking to explore the Far East, including businesses.
[Image: 13-uk--7108-its-anyones-guess-what-effec...-globe.jpg]

13. UK — 71.08. It’s anyone’s guess what effect Brexit will have on the UK’s reputation in the next few years. But even without London’s finance centre the country’s sense of history is still popular with tourists and low corruption means its law services are used by clients around the globe.
[Image: 12-italy-7168-italys-banking-sector-is-g...or-now.jpg]

12. Italy — 71.68. Italy’s banking sector is going through its own crisis right now which some say threatens the whole eurozone, but its high-quality exports and tourist destinations mean it’s high on the Reputation Institute’s list for now.

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