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Which MLM Is The BEST?
Huh Huh Huh

I came across a lot of direct selling and all claimed to be the best.

Care to share with me why your MLM is the best and why I should join you?

(ps: I just lost my job last month)
Hey bro, glad you are here. There is no best MLM but the most suitable MLM. Some people have this pool of contacts while some have the other pool. If you have a lot of aging friends, it is good to have health based MLM. if you have a lot of young and energetic friends like yourself who want to make a business and benefit out of it, then it will be good to do the recruitment based mlm. since you are looking for job replacement i am suggesting you do investment based mlm, good passive and low entry. let me PM you! Big Grin
I don't really know which is the best, but I do recommend you to find out how many new agents are suffering.
I am thinking of starting one, do you want to be my first downline?

We all know the earlier you join the better you get
Honestly I tell you, Amyway is the best. No matter what age you are in or which location you stay or your health issue or anything. You will always need us. If you don't want to be a distributor, you can always be a consumer and get discounted items. Good or good?
No MLM is the best MLM my friend.
You will need an active upline, one who can show you he can close anyone. Bro, any MLM is the same if no one there to hand hold you. I drop you a pm Smile
Listen to me son, do not touch MLM.
Diao, how come you all discourage MLM until like that? I was previously from the travel one but quitted because the business is bad. I saw people get big cars from doing MLM so I know it can be done, but I am looking for something fresh and not so many "ah beng"
Their car is big but monthly loan repayment is also big.

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