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Which day should be suitable for appointments?
Most of the time when we got our days wrong or we didn't pick a right date that your client want, high chance that you will lose your deal. Below are some of the better dates for appointments or casual servicing you may want to consider:

  1. Monday usually is the worse day to have a constructive appointment. Many companies have their meetings on Monday or backlogs to clear. Moreover Monday have been well known for the worse day of the week, whatever you try to propose will not work. Since this is the case, why not you start your own company meeting on Monday too? Monday will be ideal for fixing appointments for the rest of the week too. 

  2. Tuesday is suitable for appointment but it is not the best. As the mood just start to build up, Tuesday is suitable for something not so heavy. Follow up and servicing for casual coffee will be good.

  3. Wednesday is half way through the week and usually people start to think it is too long and keen to find another way out. If you have good business proposal or something heavy do it on Wednesday as the people listening to it will thank you. We used to have popular ladies night but now it is all human night. There will still be some night activities that will excite your clients, so this is the day they want a way out but still have a good mood thanks to the night. Pitch anything you want on this day, it is a make or break for you, but you stand the highest chance.

  4. Thursday sounds like end of the week as the hardest part 1st 3 days have already been passed. If you want to have a tight follow up from Tuesday or Wednesday you can meet your client on this day. Some office will have their meeting on Thursday too to close the week because they know Friday will have not much activities.

  5. Friday is famously known for TGIF. Everyone are happy and looking forward to hangout with their colleagues in the evening. Do not bother about any exciting appointments because the chance of them pushing your idea to next week will be high. This is a day to make friend with casual meet up and updates.
Lol, all my clients usually meet me at night.
Interesting. Now I will schedule important appointments on Wed
Me too DERRICK....!!!
Ha ha ha........
That's good.... I'm really impressed.....
Thanks for the post.............!!!

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