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Why Living In Texas Can You Be Rich
[Image: ?url=%2Fcmsmedia%2F57%2Fa5%2F2b1a54714fb...torial.jpg]

Everything's bigger in Texas – including, apparently, bank accounts.

A new study released by, in fact, lists the Lone Star state's Houston metro area as the best in the nation for building wealth.
To come to that conclusion, Bankrate examined 18 of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S., and used metrics like savable income, the job market, access to financial services and the housing market to determine which cities are best for accumulating wealth.
Claes Bell, a certified financial analyst and editor with Bankrate, was surprised by the results.
"I would have thought that San Francisco would have been higher on the list," Bell says. "That is such a hotbed for a tech boom that we're seeing right now."
Instead, cities like Detroit and Cleveland ended up not only in the Top 10, but the Top 5 as well
1. Houston
2. Washington, D.C.
3. Cleveland
4. Detroit
5. New York City
6. Dallas-Fort Worth
7. Baltimore
8. Miami
9. Minneapolis-St. Paul
10. Chicago
Meanwhile, the bottom of the list looked like this:

18. San Diego
17. Phoenix
16. Los Angeles
15. Philadelphia
14. Atlanta
13. San Francisco
12. Seattle
11. Boston
While Bell didn't expect the outcome, he did have an explanation for why the rankings unfolded as they did.
Because of the generally inexpensive housing markets and large amounts of savable income that persist in cities like Cleveland and Detroit, they were able to flourish in the rankings despite not having the best job markets.
"When we think about wealth, we think about rich people, right?" Bell says. "We think about, you know, big houses and fancy cars and trust funds, but wealth is a much broader topic."

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