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Why Some Companies Perform So Much Better Than Their Competitors?
[Image: 20150204134239-employees-engaging-workplace.jpeg]

When faced with the day-to-day responsibilities of running a company, even the most experienced business leader can lose sight of the company’s mission. Over time, a company can forget its core values and remain too focused on surviving in today’s competitive environment.
Simply having a set of words on a plaque that hangs on the wall or used as a tagline on your website is meaningless unless they are brought to life and become part of the fabric of the company. And it all starts at the top.
Purpose is what drives us, and our employees, to do great work. Not only does your company need to maintain clearly identified values, but every employee must understand his or her role in supporting the mission in order to achieve the collective results. At the end of the day, your company’s raison d’être is to deliver a quality product or service, and there is a multitude of approaches you can take to be successful, while keeping your focus on the overall mission.
These four tips can help bring your company’s values to life:
1. Stand behind the mission.

It may sound like a cliché, but in order for employees to embrace the company values, they must see them in action from the company executives. Your mission needs to be at the core of all you do — from marketing to production and from customer service to your staff meetings.
As leader, your role is to walk the talk and ensure that the rest of the company follows, so that your company values are ultimately delivered in your end product or service. At our company, Nautilus, Inc., we are dedicated each day to our core objective: delivering innovative products to help people live healthier lifestyles. We have honed in on this mantra and vision, allowing it to drive every decision we make across every area of the company.
We purposefully moved from a large office where employees were dispersed to a smaller office where we took down the walls of hierarchy. As a result, collaboration has increased threefold, we’re delivering more innovative products, employee satisfaction ratings are high, and our workplace is thriving with people rallying around our mission.
2. Foster an environment that reflects the mission.

I’ve found that the most effective way to achieve a mission-centric workplace is by establishing an egalitarian culture in which you practice what you preach, no matter what your title. At our company, the executives flip the burgers at the employee picnics, dress up for Halloween and are the first to volunteer for our sponsored events.
In line with our company’s focus on health and fitness, we encourage lifelong healthy behaviors for our employees by offering special incentives and wellness programs. Our headquarters include an onsite gym that’s available for employees to use at any time during the work day. We sponsor community walking and running events, and all employees receive a “Passport” for the Road to Wellness that rewards activities with stamps that then qualify for credits to be used toward medical insurance premiums.
It’s a fact that happy and engaged employees do great things, which in turn fosters a healthy culture.

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