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Why Why Why Why Why Can Change Your Life

[Image: 1412789172-why-hell-would-anyone-want-be...ldings.jpg]

Did you ever have a problem that you immediately fixed and somehow more problems just keep arising? You start to say things like, "I guess I'm just having a bad day" or, "I can't catch a break," or even worse -- you give up.
If you are constantly running into problems maybe it's because you aren't actually solving the root of that problem. Many times when a problem arises, we jump to the first thought about why that problem is occurring, and then focus on a solution to fix that. This is like putting an adhesive bandage over a hose and expecting it to hold. I don't know about you, but I have yet to find a super-strength version.
Start solving the roots of your problems when they arise by using a popular Kaizen ("continuous improvement" in Japanese) technic.

Ask 'why' 5 times to get to the root.
1. Why can't I get everything done at work? Because I have so much to do.
2. Why do you have so much to do? Because I am getting pulled away from my priorities for other tasks.
3. Why are you getting pulled away for other tasks? Because I'm the only one who knows how to do it.
4. Why are you the only one who knows how to do it? Because no one else has been trained.
5. Why has no one else been trained? Because we don't have a cross-training program.
See how this transformed the type of solution you would use to fix the problem?
If we stopped at the answer to the second "why," you might have implemented a system to block time where you can't get pulled away. But this won't address the root and would end up creating another problem down the line such as the lack of these other tasks being completed and the company suffering productivity as a result.

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