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Why do we like to help people better than us but not the worse off?
Think about your life and ask yourself who is the people you have been helping?

Majority of us will agree that we have lent money to people that look more well off than us because he seems like he can pay us back. When a person asking for help, we always just him or her based on appearance. Beautiful people asking for help will always be easier than the not so beautiful people. It is basic human psychology and it takes time for us to adjust.

Here is a list of reasons why we prefer to help people more well off than us:
  • There is a higher chance he will return the favour

  • He gain social trust automatically when he possess material wealth

  • I want to know the person and thought there could be a chance

  • I want to become part of his league because our current friends doesn't match his criteria

  • He is better than me so he would scam me

  • I have been scammed by too many people that is worse off than me

  • If I don't help better better off than me, he could use his connection of wealth to get back at me

  • I get more popularity from helping him than the worse off

  • Helping him won't go wrong, after all he have achieved so much things in life, what is this little help to him

  • He may have some other richer family or friend may appreciate me and things will go better for me
There could be more reasons but we forget the most important rule in helping others - we shouldn't expect anything back. If we start practicing good social etiquette the world will be a better place. 

So start helping one another and pay it forward.
Thanks for the post....!!!
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Thanks for the post.......

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