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Why is Facebook Ad and Google Ad Allow Fraud & Scam Content?
So many times when I see an interesting Ad on Facebook or Google, I clicked on it and immediately it open up a phishing or scam site.

Is time really so bad Google and Facebook have to resort to such measure???

This is a smart consumer era and shouldn't every industry should start functioning professionally? Words spread very fast and soon no one want to be associated with your company and hence your overall income dropped because of a short-sighted decision.
Maybe we need to do our job in reporting it. There are just too many advertisements for them to follow up.
Just like why our government allow foreigners to come here and launder money
This is why: Facebook and Apple now have the same problem
I have just reported a couple of scam ads in the forum.
I get what you mean, in fact people also start to realise it.

Too Many Fake News Surfaced on Facebook
Their revenue dropped so have to find alternative.
it is the same reason why the landlord rent a space to a fraudster that cheat your money? Like Geneva Gold and The Gold Guarantee

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