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Why our space and corridor in HDB is getting smaller?
Okay, lets put family gathering and bonding aside as families actually getting together is more and more rare. We blame the electronics but never blame our own culture.

Leave culture for another day.

Let us identify the 3 main factors on why a HDB and its corridor is getting smaller.

1. Space = money, more space = more money. HDB is designed to build an affordable home for Singaporeans. Our land selling have been increasing tremendously even HDB couldn't escape it. Don't be surprise, HDB actually have pay URA for land use too, and URA pay SLA and to MOF and to IRAS and to HDB and to URA. Sorry I have no idea what am I talking about.

Anyway, since everyone is complaining housing is getting more and more unrealistic, to bring everyone back on earth, the HDB have to build small units with the right price. It is not their practice to be so crude but what it means is if you want a bigger house, go and stay in a private house and give you chance to those who need it more than you. It is not wrong to ensure the affordability in the expense of size. You should not have so many furniture or personal belong too, if you have sell them, if you don't keep it this way and save money to buy a private.

2. HDB is in high demand and smaller units enable a project to have more homes for Singaporean. As the name said - build to order. If HDB do not receive x amount of order, the project cannot start. HDB also cannot launch projects with just so few units. Remember, sharing is caring.

If this piece of land cost y amount of dollars and only 10 people stay, the cost and maintenance on this piece of land will increase significantly. You are better off buying a strata landed or pent house. However, if the land cost y and you have 500 people, each people pay y divide by 500 cost, the amount has become affordable.

So, do not be selfish and pray that you have more neighbours as so the maintenance fee will go down, in HDB case is conservancy fee. Wait a minute, our conservancy fee never go down, but at least we got rebate or free conservancy period when election is near.

3. Smaller corridor is mainly due to the residence's complaints. When you have big corridor, you will put your shoe rack, plants, bicycle, chairs (yes it is more than one), lamp, pet house and essentially all the unwanted or low value stuff outside. Many people have turned their corridor, which is a common space, into their personal storage space.

Now with a smaller corridor, as long as it passes the fire safety inspection, people will not want to put any more things outside. Any extra thing will block themselves from moving freely around the corridor. Talking about fire safety, it is more dangerous for HDB with lots of pot and plants. At least a narrow wall won't make your trip and fall - unless you are fat then you may get stuck between the wall. With all the plants growing at your eye level, people can get injured easily even without fire. All the movable chairs and low lying objects will make you trip and fall. It is more dangerous with a huge corridor than a thin an cozy one.

And of course, this is to help you save on development cost too. Any additional facility, walkway, carpark, playground and etc. your project has, it is all calculated into your per square foot dollar. So in conclusion, we should thank the HDB for continuing providing quality, logical and affordable homes.
Never try, never know.
I've no idea about that....
You have said well NATASHA...
More space = More money...
Well said Teenisha.....!!!
Thanks for the post....

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