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Why protecting your wealth is as important as building it?
Sorry for being straightforward, my post's focus is to promote insurance for wealth protection.

I have a handful of clients is very appreciative of me when I persuade them to get adaquately covered. Out of those who have successfully claimed, 2 were business owner. 1 have sold his business for profit while the other is able to carry on with his logistic business.

In our life we are determined to make money and accumulate wealth. If our wealth resets every once in awhile due to unforeseen circumstance, how can we possibly accumulate to a sustantial amount?

We maintain our car every 10,000 km, or 5,000 km for sports car. This is to prevent a major fault that could totaled the car. Same as insurance, the small premium you paid every month will allow you to safeguard your wealth and put you at ease in everything you do. Just like a good housewife taking good care of the house and children while the father put 101% at work.
Don't worry, you can always go Johor to sick or to die...
(13-10-2016, 01:38 PM)MeiJuan Wrote: Don't worry, you can always go Johor to sick or to die...

Haha, nice one there. True, even the minister encourage us to do that.
Ha ha ha .......
Funny... Huh....!!!

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