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Why the Indian do not stand an equal business chance as the rest?
I am an Indian and I heard plenty of Indian jokes. The most popular one is you have a gun with only 1 bullet in the forest, there is an Indian and a snake. Shoot the Indian with the gun and hit the snake with your rifle. I don't get offended but don't find making any sense.

If we are really so good at cheating people, we would have already taken over the world. There are also honest Indian around. There is no concrete basis how Indian cheat or betray you. It is all a myth.

As people do not like to do business with us, we have do find fellow Indians to work with. When this happen, people say we are in cahoot???  Huh

This is just not right at all. We need to change our thinking to really advance like a first world country.
Maybe because of your smell?
[Image: 5998738l_YHIg.png]
(14-10-2016, 04:12 PM)Christopher Wrote: Maybe because of your smell?

LOL so bad.

Sorry but I don't like Indian customers also, they are too rowdy
Hahaha, George, is this a joke?

Anyway Russell Peter said Chinese and Indian can never do business together.
Stupid Bundeis, not funny please.
Indian customer always ask me for the bulk price and say they want sample product then never come back or expect me to sell them the bulk price for just 1 item.
Maybe you should stop shaking your head when you say yet, because your client will thought you are rejecting them.

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