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Why we created a new messageboard
Xchangeinfo Business & Investment Board is not a social forum and we focus on the two areas which are business and investment related only.

There are many local forums but there is no such forum exist in the first 10 pages of Google search. We know Google usually answer your question in the first page, anything more than that is futile. Still we tried.

We want to increase the professional level of business and investment dealings. Like many disruptive technology, retailers are forced to exercise decent customer care and reasonable retail price. Not to mention about fraud cases where the victims have no idea where to seek justice. We cannot help you with mediation, but we can remind and prevent similar case from happening.

Two common issues when we come to business - seeking 'the right one' as your business partner and 'the wealthy one' as your investor. Oftentimes we get ourselves demoralised by meeting the investors face to face or spam them with emails without getting a positive reply. Not exactly wrong because you need devil advocate for a successful business. With our forum, you can get to meet these 'devil' easier and you get to receive good feedback behind your screen.

We wish you all the best in what you seek to find here. Remember, how much you expect from this forum is how much effort you put into it.  Cool
Thank you for this messageboard, it is very helpful
It is good, I can share good information with my fellow entreprenuers
It's simply good to share something..!!
(19-10-2016, 03:59 PM)Skully Wrote: It's simply good to share something..!!
I agreed...!!
It's really very helpfull...!!!

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