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Will The Future Singapore Become The Present Hong Kong?
Short answer - no.

Lets openly discuss the kind of government system HK have compared to SG. We have a liberal system and we have real democracy. When it come to freedom and democracy, it is not always necessary good because of the control the government have over their people. Not every system can become democratic and that is one advantage of SG. I am not saying SG isn't democratic, but they government has a very effective way of controlling the nation.

We all have to admire the foresight of decease MM Lee. He can see future so well that SG has been planned ahead of time by 10-15 years. He focus on preservation than over-exposure. This is a country he fought and built for, nothing should go down the drain that easily with his ruling. Additional buyer stamp duty effectively curb the housing bubble problem in SG. Foreigner would never buy an overprice unit without a strong reason. HK made that mistake SG avoided and now we are in deep water.

Comparing trading and legislation, SG have one of the best port and port system in the world. They have high daily volume but there is no corruption and dirty money passing around. HK is a free-trade zone, which means everything can be traded and essentially tools to power up the triads. SG have ISD to curb the triads and have been very effective since the 60s.

Even we are very much similar in resources and size, these are but the only secondary factor. The primary factor is still how the government look after the country.
Of course won't la, HK have no LKY
Offcoure no...
Its became more than Hong Kong.....
Good to know that.....
It will not because of the cooling measure.

I have a feeling it will not be a cooling measure but an official policy soon. Foreigners are still coming in to buy properties and the current property market are still moving. I got a feeling everyone already used to the ABSD.
Singapore is not as valuable as HK, don't worry.
Of course we won't be, Singapore going to have a Trump like president and chase the pigs out soon.
I hope one day Sing will be like Philippines or USA, have better leaders.
We should become part of China.

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