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Will You Choose Fame or Wealth?
There are many rich people have fame but owe lots of money or either not much cash on hand. On the other side of the country, there are people with lots of money but they not popular.

I used to like fame as that is what I want all the money for - to have envious eyesight around me.

Now I rather choose wealth as it can feed me and I can enjoy privately. Moreover wealth can bring me fame anytime.

What about you?
I will choose wealth too. I rather not have fame as my kids will suffer from it.

Not only they have higher risk of being kidnap or physical danger, he cannot make real friends as people around him will be there just to suck him up. Psychologically wise children being so exposed will have the tendency to be proud and low EQ too.
Fame can get your rich easily too. Just look at how many average advertiser looking for Singapore Olympian to be the brand ambassador.
Why not both? Tongue
Offcourse wealth .....

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