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Will you buy an unit directly beside the road?
Before I explain my question, lets take "feng shui" aside because a lot of people do not believe it. When you don't believe it, chances are it will not struck you as much as when you be obsess with it.

Buying a house near the road will be definitely cheaper than those secluded area because we are paying for a commonly used space. All good class bungalow will not be near the road as they have already paid for the private environment - that is why there are only 39 of such areas in Singapore that can have GCBs.

Being part of a common area have its perks and losses, more of perks than losses as a common Singaporean.

Advantages of having a house along the main road:
  • You don't have to drive deep in or walk far if you are taking public transport. If you are cabbing, you save a few cents too. Sometimes the cab uncle make the wrong turn or when your house is too difficult to find because it is so secluded, the finding fees can be in dollars too.
  • Your guest can find your place easier.
  • Bypasser become your watchdog and crime around your house will be lower.
  • You don't feel alone and always have exciting view from your window.
  • You have access to a other road side stalls and shops more conveniently.
  • You pay lesser for your unit which you can use the money to renovate and turn your unit into the neighbourhood limelight.
  • Road noise and pollution - you really have to close your road facing window 24/7.
  • Less privacy and you don't own the road outside your house. If you are in the secluded area, you can dance or do anything on the public road as long as your neighbour doesn't complain
  • You need to plant more trees and take care of it to block people from looking inside.
  • You will have higher maintenance for your exterior as there will be more frequent wear and tear.
Other than that you are all fine and if you can accept it, very well go ahead and buy a road side unit.
Yeah.... I want to buy a unit beside the road for my business..
Thanks for the post...!!!
Thanks for sharing...
Road is like your wealth channel and cards is like coins. You won't like something that come and go quickly. If you want to really have a good and comfortable place, get something on the hilltop or near the beach, something as far from fast moving cars as possible.
I would buy if it is of good value, at least I don't have to drive so in to get into my house.
beggar can't be chooser

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