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Xseedhealth offers a 50%! compensation plan! There are 9 ways this plan will pay out. Not only do you rec 25% commissions on all retail account purchases, but it also get calculated in your commission statement for extra earnings.! You can also earn up to 5% of all volume from your trainees. Sounds like a money maker to me!!! Anyone doing this plan?
I am not personally doing this but I can tell you are excited and know your facts. Keep learning and stay excited, that will lead to success in bringing in more people on your team.
i am also interested in the retail account
You can have 100% commission for all I care.

If it is a scam, it is a scam, you will never find riches in scam. People know and they won't buy
I have never heard of Xseedhealth but sounds like something to look over. If you are serious about growing your team however, there is a travel program that could help you skyrocket your connections outside
100% scam, even their spelling also got mistake.

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