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Yangzijiang Performance?
I used to trade this stock when it was more than $1.50. Even before the oil crisis this stock seem to drop and drop.

No doubt oil crisis will affect even the shipping companies and their service providers.

Anyone monitoring this stock knows if it will rebound or have a chance to go higher than $1 again?
Oil, gas, shipping & construction are some of the worse trade to enter now. Human sentiments, even when they are performing, people all believe it is not and they will create a domino effect.
Not a good time to enter for sure. Cos even if you enter, you will not know when is a good time to exit.

Especially there will be a calm before the storm, you might be in the eye of a storm and the stock may perform after you have brought it but you are not willing to let go as you thought it will continue to go up. Once it crash it will take years to recover your lost.
Thanks for the post.......
I don't have any idea about that ....
But, Thanks for sharing......!!!

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