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You Are Able To Modify Your Brain To Process More Concurrent
[Image: 3067187-poster-p-1-two-easy-ways-to-rewi...uctive.jpg]

"Our brains and bodies, which functioned perfectly for us up until the 20th century, can no longer keep up," says Harvard scientist David Bach, founder of the Platypus Institute, a research organization that studies the science of peak performance. "Industries used to take decades to evolve; today, they transform overnight. Staying ahead in a world morphing so quickly is nearly impossible."
It’s no wonder brain rewiring is becoming a growing trend, with neuroplasticity conferences attracting more attendees every month, says Bach. "It’s not like science fiction anymore; we’re getting to the point where there is more and more usable and practical information that is making more of an impact in the world," he says. "Neuroscience can triple productivity. Who can afford not to use it?"
Athletes and military personnel have been studying and using techniques that can enhance human performance for years. "In the Olympics in Rio, 80% of the athletes were doing this kind of stuff to prepare," says Bach. "We’re also seeing an increasing amount of investment and hedge fund brokers doing the same thing because the techniques can make traders better."
But there is no silver bullet. For example, SAFILOX has manufactured "smart" sunglasses that include a headband that measures brainwave activity that can provide the user with feedback and guidance for focus.
"The headband uses a little neuroscience, but none of the products available for corporate america right now are at the level of the iPhone," says Bach. "But it’s an inevitability."
Until then, there are little things you can do to create a large impact on your productivity, and they’re super easy, says Bach. He offers these two steps to get you started right now:

The biggest efficiency killer is stress, says Bach. "When people get stressed out it redirects the blood in their brain and turns off their prefrontal cortex," he says. "Our amygdala and adrenal glands start firing, and we go into fight or flight mode where our intelligence level drops to that of a monkey. You don’t need deep thought when a mountain lion is attacking you."
In the executive arena stress reactions compromise judgment, but they’re also unconscious. "Most of us know stress hurt you physically, such as in our immune systems, but many of us don’t realize it impairs cognitive function," says Bach.
You can eliminate the harmful effects of stress on your brain by rewiring it to reduce chronic stress. "It has a surprisingly big impact on cognitive function without a lot of work," says Bach. "You can’t reduce stress in the moment, but you can rewire your stress reaction so when you face your stimulus you relax instead of stressing."
He suggests a protocol called MIR, which stands for measure, interrupt, and replace:

Measure: First, become aware of and measure chronic stressful situations.
Interrupt: Next, redirect or interrupt the brain’s automatic response, which is to go into stress mode under certain triggers.
Replace the reaction with another response, such as laughter or calm.

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