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You Cannot Sink Anything In The Dead Sea
[Image: 01-the-dead-sea.jpg]

The Dead Sea, which borders Israel and Jordan, is said to be nearly 10% more salty as the world’s oceans. Why is this interesting, you ask? Well, nearly anything that goes into its briny waters will float!
There’s a lot more about the Dead Sea that the average person doesn’t know. When you dig a little deeper into its mysteries, you’ll see why it’s one of the most fascinating places on Earth!
To float in the Dead Sea, all you have to do is… lean back. Really. The salt in the water makes it so dense, that treading water isn’t just unnecessary—it’s impossible!

You don’t want to put your face or head under water, though. All of that salt can hurt your eyes and mouth, and it’s going to taste a little rancid.

[Image: 02-the-dead-sea.jpg]
Staying in the water too long is a bad idea, too, as the salt content will irritate your skin. You’ll also want to drink plenty of drinking water and shower off as soon as you leave the sea!

[Image: 03-the-dead-sea.jpg]
But one of the craziest things about the Dead Sea has to be what happens when you toss a 14-pound bowling ball into it…

That’s some dense water, huh? Want one more fun fact? The Dead Sea was one of the world’s first health spas, dating all the way back to King Herod.


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