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Your Guide To Win Any Argument (MLMers Will Need It)
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After a highly controversial US election, you’re likely to come in contact with someone you don’t share the same views with.
It’s easy for these calm discussions to turn ugly. If they involve family members, it can make the holidays especially stressful.
These are the most successful tactics to help you get your point across in a courteous and educated way.
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Attacking someone’s ideas puts them into fight-or-flight mode. Once they’re on edge, there will be no getting through to them.
So if you want to be convincing, practice “extreme agreement“: Take your conversational partner’s views and advance them to their logical — and perhaps absurd — conclusion.
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Contrary to what your debate coach said, arguments aren’t rational.
So respect the other person’s perspective, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.
“When people have their self-worth validated in some way, they tend to be more receptive to information that challenges their beliefs,” political psychologist Peter Ditto from the University of California at Irvine tells New York Magazine.

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