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Youtube Analysis: Will Prank Video Work In Singapore?
One of my favourite Youtube program is to see people falling down, fail, animal fail or prank video. There are so many fake prank that is staged and is done by professionals, it is funny and entertaining but can never beat the legitimate pranks.

So, does prank work in Singapore?

Yes, we have a number of locally produced pranks, but do we actually like our local production? Here are the 2 main reasons why prank cannot work in Singapore:

  1. It is too 'lame'. Everyone knows Singapore lack of creativity and by script writing a prank, it usually mean copy other's prank and do it in a sub-standard way. Can you just imagine even by copying a prank we failed terribly? Besides having no originality, Singaporean are mould into a heartless and joke-less society, people who get pranked usually give the very annoyed and puzzled expression. Instead of thinking "what is going on", the chances of Singapore already know is a prank or rejecting the prank is just too high. We will think "why are you wasting my time?", "hey you put me in your video am i getting paid?" or "damn, why you pick me as the victim, do you know I can sue you?".

    And there kill all the fun and joke.

  2. Our law is too strict. You can never expect to see a prank can be as 10% fun as the oversea ones. Let's compare our sentences. A public nuisance in Singapore consist of fine and jail, and there are cases people get jail for more than 5 years. In other countries it can be write off with a warning or perform certain public duty hours. We cannot blamed for our law though, this keep us to be the safest country in the world.

    Watching an adventure-less prank is just like going to the zoo, you wait for something amazing to happen without risk. Chances are you will never ever see a peacock opening its tail in your lifetime. Our prankster have a very lousy way of ending the prank, it often make the situation more awkward than proper.
With these points, it is impossible to create quality prank with high viewership. Anything dangerous it will be reported and trust me you can be traced in less than 6 hours. Our Youtube industry is as dead as the video industry, why not we just focus on building our trade and business services like what a business hub should do?
Yeah.... definitely works...........
Thanks for the post.....

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