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estate investment in Japan
Does anyone have an experience with foreign real estate investment in Japan? What hoops do we need to go through if any? If and when we buy a place, will it be easy to rent and generate an income?
First of all, Japan is not a country open to everyone. They do not welcome you, bear this in mind.

To own a Japanese property you need to go through a lot of procedure because they take pride in their land and it is not something money can buy.

Japanese called you geisha, locals will not want to rent a place from you and foreigners not likely to stay there for long.

It is not a good place for real estate investment for outsiders. Simple as that.
Only a clooney gonney joney will think about Japan real estate.

@JustinTan, well explained.

To add on, Japan land is so huge people lived in town have no problem with habitable space at all. People who are in the city are renting from big landlord which you have no chance to even buy from them. Of course you can offer sky high prices but you will never accumulate the right returns. Their gang issue also a problem, if you rent to someone from the gang and you speak of foreign language, you may as well consider the house gone.
Maybe you can invest in Indonesia if you want to make property investment ...
In Japan, maybe you can invest to some apartments because it's hard to get some permission from them.

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