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flooring manufacturers
Hunan flooring industry, not only did not learn how to walk, in the end even their own brand has been lost. This is the past floor of Hunan flooring industry.wood plastics composites for decking usa But for life and life without regret the past can not be chased, only prayer life without regret. Into the late 90s of last century, Hunan flooring industry began to awaken, fully aware of the importance of the brand, the market gradually mature, and emerged to Baolong,mdf wood veneer Evelyn, Sao Paulo and a number of well-known brands, this time they Won the '2005 National Mianjian products' title is the best proof. Reporters learned that, in order to let the Hunan flooring industry to stand up again, this batch of brand
manufacturing enterprises in the brand shape up and down enough effort, and in the production scale, management system, quality control, personalized service and other aspects of a comprehensive improvement. wpc decking picturesFor example, Baolong Group introduced German technology, with advanced short cycle veneer,composite roof tiles manufacturers laminate flooring, solid wood flooring and blockboard production line, the annual output of more than 400 million square meters, its products have been renowned for high-quality industry. Another example is that Evelyn has now launched a 'floor pavement zero loss' initiative, that consumers only need to pay the actual area of the pavement to pay the
cost of the floor (except for special-shaped floor space or special circumstances), which is not only for consumption The reduction of the installation of the waste,weatherstone composite deck tiles and do not have to worry about the delivery of 'pumping' or false product size and other 'black hole.' Hunan flooring brand the first wear 'exemption' hat, Baolong chairman Tang Dazhong's joy is palpable: 'As the Hunan Provincial Forest Products Industry Association floor branch presidenteconomic importance of wood, I am very pleased to see this year there are flooring brand among the 'exemption' This is not only proved that the current efforts of the flooring industry in Hunan has gradually been recognized by the industry and

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