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materials of country
product of building materials of country of courtyard of city qualitative check (Nanjing) peak of engineer Zhao Ying introduces, selective corrosion-resistant outdoor wall panel examination this in all avoid Qi Ban 40 batch, eligible 39 batch. Exempting the item that Qi Ban detects basically is formaldehyde releases a quantity. Avoid Qi Ban to have not not easy fade, changeful form,
wear strong, be able to bear or endure delimit wear-resisting, treatment is simple wait for an advantage, be welcomed accordingly by turtle planter plan consumer. But when there is a businessman to avoid Qi Ban in the sale on the market at present, hit " 0 formaldehyde " or " E0 class " " without aldehyde model " label, pure belong shutters wpc filled to exaggerated conduct
propaganda. Because, products of any a kind of man-made board should use adhesive in machining a process, among them formaldehyde is inevitable. Active Brazilian Hardwood Decking Vs Composite man-made board in GB, also do not have E0 class, without the aldehyde requirement that waits for class of prep above E1. " the plank that does not have absolutely environmental

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