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opponents distribution of the brand
7. The more resources, the stronger the right to speak. On their own market, consumers have a deep insight, and to understand the preferences of the dealer market, the voice of more powerful, anti-control of the manufacturers is also strong. Dealers really rely on the understanding of consumers in the market, to win a steady stream of financial resources, but also let manufacturers around you give you resources, give you input, so you earn a bowl full of pours.
8. Pick sesame seeds, throwing watermelon dealers more. Many dealers product line is not clear, ambitious. The hands of the existing brand does not cherish, always feel opponents distribution of the brand better than their own, every year busy with the introduction of new brands, do some pick sesame seeds, throwing watermelon things.
You know, a brand really so easy to do it, the dealer's day is better off, in fact, how difficult in the end, the dealer's own heart the most clear. Now the cabinet has a variety of pricing methods, and some professional terms consumers simply do not know, do not know the business offer is reasonable, can not talk about this thing?
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