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overall charm of home. In addition
composite door is to take full advantage of the excellent characteristics of various materials, to avoid the use of high cost of precious wood, without reducing the use of the door and decorative performance under the premise of effectively reducing production costs. In addition to good visual effects, but also with noise, heat insulation, high strength, durability and other characteristics, which was accepted. The new type of solid wood composite door is
composed of doors, door sets, door sets of three parts, this structure, so that the wooden door style varied, and solve the real solid wood doors are easy to deformation, cracking and other issues. Complete sets of solid wood composite doors are used to produce the factory, the installation is simple and quick, to avoid the door to be the construction site painting, resulting in air and noise pollution. Compared to the cost of solid wood doors expensive, solid
wood composite door prices generally in the 1200-2300 yuan a set. Such as the more high-grade rosewood door, about 2300 yuan a; high-grade walnut, cherry, sand and other wooden doors, you need a set of 1900 yuan. In addition, the modern wooden door finishes are more common with veneer and stickers. Wooden doors are rich in natural texture, and beautiful, strong impact, and the price is relatively high; stickers of the wooden doors, also known
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textured finishes for exterior wood walls
what causes paneling to peel and split

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