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perfect laminate flooring
a near GRANDSELECTION The GRANDSELECTION has a thickness of 14mm similar to that of solid wood flooring while still maintaining a low expansion rate (according to EN13329 standard edge swelling rate less than 8% = \u0026 gt; general laminate standard: low expansion rate At 18%), making the floor more stable to reduce the possibility of deformation, so that the ground space for a long time
so that this is a perfect perfect laminate flooring, in more than 300, four hundred competitions come to the fore, once again won the DOMOTEX selection BOENBOEN, began in 1641, nearly 400 years of solid wood flooring manufacturing history and heritage, is the world's well-deserved first-class solid wood flooring brand, one of the high-end in the region of China, the high-end solid wood flooring solutions
BOENBOEN, Flooring brand has unrivaled genes and strength .18 commonly used tree species, 360 balance products, world-renowned German manufacturing, quality and background to attract attention to high-end floor partners concerned about the successful response to the princess's elegant and tested again Validation BOEN as the global leader in high-end flooring brand strength. Innovative variety of
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