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products on the quality of the black
randomly tested the 15 laminate flooring brand. May 18, the media reports published the results of the "sampling", of which 12 brands passed the test, the three products on the quality of the black list, and these three products are from B & Q. A private launch of the floor "sampling test" this will.
B & Q into the "quality door" scandal. Yesterday, Wendong clarified to reporters, these three kinds of flooring is no problem, now all have resumed shelves sales. May 21, we get the same monitoring agencies to accept the test, the results of the test with the manufacturers,
the results of the inspection, the results of the test with the manufacturers The inspection of the incoming goods is exactly the same, the bending strength, the internal bonding strength, the thickness of the water swelling, the surface bonding strength, the surface wear and the formaldehyde.
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