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red acerbity branch
, density is big. Because is rare · so precious Laos is bright red acerbity branch is hundreds of years ability becomes a useful person,How Much To Replace Wooden Floor Boards In Sri Lanka grow cycle is long, the tree with 21 so large centuries is already very few. Specifications is different, price differs. Log is jumped over greatly more thick, appreciate the space is larger; Just expect Bai
Pi is little, wider longer, appreciate the space is larger. But on the market find big material very hard. Formal name of branch of bright Waterproof Outdoor Deck Flooring red acid hands in Laos foot yellow wingceltis. Woodiness and color resemble flocculus rosewood, annual ring grain is straight filiform, small hole of hair on the neck of a pig is larger Anti Termite garden fencing products than red
sandalwood, color is approximate purplish red color. Woodiness is hard, exquisite, can sink at water, should grow 500 years commonly above ability is used. plastic playground retaining walls Distinguish the most obvious point at other lumber, in cardinal middling in Yu Jimu grain Chang Ga has puce grain of black perhaps vitta, give a person antique sense. Annatto of classics

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