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shipping products?
I make products from home and usually just distribute locally... Bit I have had about if people stay asking about shipping my products and I don't really know where to start when it comes to shipping process... Etc... Any advice? Any programs that make it easier? Advice would be great
Here is what my friend does because she owns an online business selling gift items She has some boxes on which she buys from the local shopping stores, then she prints the shopping label. She has the membership for the shipping label, which then she doesn't have to pay a lot of money per shipment
A ship shipping a shipping ship shipping a ship shipping ship. I like that idea because Blue Marlin is stronger than love.

[Image: zkul9i]
If you watched war dogs, those people are shipping things they never even see nor touch.

There are many middleman business that allow you to make the connection without actually handling the physical items.

Isn't this is what ebay is dong?

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