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solid wood flooring buy different
wood flooring industry every move Are quite industry perspective. Flooring industry in the end to the development of a degree? In the past 12 months time in the industry and what changes and disputes it?floating outdoor bench The future will face any new challenges and opportunities? Whether from the perspective of development or consumption perspective, we can find this year is a turning point in the flooring industry. low cost outdoor flooringYear Beijing wood flooring market from March to strengthen the price of 70 yuan floor of the floor of the consumer warning, to the uproar of the floor E0 dispute, and then to the rise of bamboo flooring, as well as floor fake fake events, so lively --- a Year
passed, the flooring industry where to go,composite wood pallets next year how the trend, from the analysis of 2005 started, is undoubtedly necessary. In April 2005, the China Consumer Association and the China Forest Products Industry Association jointly issued six consumer warnings, one of which is to remind consumers not to buy the price of less than 70 yuan / month, Square meters of laminate flooring. The comprehensive cost of the laminate flooring includes the cost of production (including complete labor, complete taxation), environmental costs, operating costs, brand costs,wpc board cost in india channel costs, and service costs. At present, in addition to promotion, the strengthening of
wood flooring prices if less than 70 yuan / square meter, it can be said to be difficult to meet the above requirements, but also to export anti-dumping to leave the mouth. For consumers,wood plastic composite 2x4 boards 70 yuan price warning line is also closely related with the interests of consumers themselves. Those who sacrifice the quality, neither the brand nor the service of the floor products, even if the price is low, fundamentally speaking on the interests of consumers there is a great potential threat, it can be said that the guidance price is conducive to consumers to buy Floor; from the industry point of view,maintenance for pvc composite boards too low non-normal price of the long-term existence is not conducive

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