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the re-examination of the product
recently, the national wood-based panel quality supervision and inspection center on the Jiamusen floor re-inspection The The results show that the re-examination of the product, including bending strength, internal bonding strength, surface wear, etc., including six indicators have been fully qualified.
Recently, the National Quality Supervision and Testing Center of wood - based panels issued a rational report on the quality of Jiamu Sen floor. Among them, the average static bending strength of 38.7MPa, to achieve the average static wood floor bending strength of not less than 30.0MPa requirements;
surface wear resistance of 6200 rpm, in line with home reinforced wood floor wear standards. In addition, the internal bonding strength, the expansion of the thickness of the water, the surface bonding strength and formaldehyde emission are all qualified. Henglin International Floors.
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