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wood flooring business unit general
the trade-in action, so that people re-examine the wood floor aging 'accident' at the same time, let the inside and outside the user loudly enough. It is understood that the wood floor of the 'old artillery', that is, China's top ten wood flooring brand nature wood flooring business unit general manager Lin Hao, because of its wooden floor in the
fought for more than 20 years, Industry respectfully known as the 'old forest'. According to Lin Hao introduced, the trade-in action, for the second decoration customers, and have redemption of customers. For those who use more than five years of natural wild logs, with a large wild logs with a wooden floor for the old order of the same
wood solid wood flooring, with the purchase of documents, the user to make the original price difference can be renewed ; For the use of more than 22 years of natural wild wood flooring, to provide an invoice proof, free replacement of the total area of not less than 20 square meters of wood flooring. Wood flooring has been fashion, fashion, elegant image by the global high-end crowd favorite. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, wood
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